There are number of matrimonial sites which takes an attentive care in facilitating the search of large number of people regarding caste for even today a number of societies considers matchmaking by caste to be one among the best option to choose the life partner. But according to the present scenario we should impose as an obligation or duty to shatter the caste system by encouraging inter-caste and caste-less marriages.

The worst part of all is that caste system is so deep rooted in certain parts of the world where there are a group of untouchables and they do not matchmake within the diferent group of untouchables.A generation ago Americans undertook a revolutionary experiment to redefine marriage/matchmaking. Where historically men and women had sought a loving bond, largely centered on the rearing of children, the new arrangement called for an intimate and provisional union of two adults.

macthmaking by caste However in many Southeastern countries matchmaking/marriage is an indispensable consideration among castes inspite of the fact that matchmaking without caste is the most potent leveler of cultures and races. Because of such pracrice in different countries there are number of cystlike cultural variants Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner and placed aside for comparison.

There is also a group which says that whatever it is caste plays a special role in matchmaking.We should make it clear that caste bastardy is not a matter of blood but rather a disruptive mixture of the ordered life of the community. People should make things clear to themselves by considering that caste cannot be the only factor for matchmaking, for it should be emphasized that caste has a sacred way of life, a dharma, which it calls its own, and this is what it seeks to protect.

caste by macthmakingThis method of matchmaking based on anthropology of marriage within a particular group in accordance with custom or law was mainly to act as fence for social interests of a particular organization. History says that even during the period of Hitler, the German Nazi laws against intermarriage with Jews and Poles. But most of them failed to realize that the basic reason behind all this was religious including between sects. The interest may be religious, as that between sect and sect.

Matchmaking based on caste was even followed during the fourth century. A matchmaking when made between an alien and a catholic was considered to be against church and was very much forbidden. This system was strongly followed and favoured by the Jews for it is looked upon by them as a religo-cultural interest. The interest may be mainly economic as, for example, that protected by social-class sanctions against marriage between persons of different classes, or between persons of different states. It may be racial, in an immediate or proximate sense, as in the case of blacks and whites in South Africa. Finally, it may be a composite of cultural factors, as in the case of marriage restrictions between caste and caste in India, or of the ethnocentric isolation of certain foreign groups in the United States.Risley a famous writer quotes that The first stage is for a number of families, who discover in themselves some quality of social distinction, to refuse to give their women in marriage to other members of the caste.

The system of matchmaking based on caste is become like a hereditary factor and most of the marriages in India and Nepal adhere to this policy to an extent. Anger and retardation of marriages occurs mainly at the time of intercaste marriage. Sometimes even within the same caste there are number of clans or gothras which are to be considered for matchmaking. This can be easily proved by the numerous Indian marriage websites on the internet, based on by caste. Arranged marriages are less common in the Hindu diaspora outside South Asia, although they have undergone a revival in the United Kingdom among Indian immigrants. There are also cases where people prefer to go ahead for a match of different caste.

When matchmakings are made between different caste, it helps in dissolving or weaken the caste system reduce social inequality caused by the caste stratification. Matchmakings based on caste are quite common in the Muslim world, particularly Pakistan. Initially interacts marriage was a ban or an inhibition resulting from social custom, but even then it is viewed as the best means to remove the barrier of caste system. But whatever it is there are still people in many parts of the world who still follow matchmaking based on caste system. After this entire one should realize that success behind most of the marriages are not based on caste or any other factor it is only the mutual understanding and compatibility. Ultimately for a successful life it is not necessarily that the spouse should be of the same caste.Inter caste and inter religion marriages serves as a beacon light for social equality. In order to break the perils of caste-system, it has becomes incumbent that there should be inter-caste marriages.

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