The Indian astrological science predicts that the various planets of the solar system influences the individuals life. Depending on the position of the planets at the time of a persons birth has a great influence on an individuals achievements, course of events,spouse,children and family.These conclusions for the reference of your life is derived by working out the birth astro chart known as Janam Kundli.

The horoscope matchmaking is based on people's combined astrological compatibility, which is calculated as a weighted average of people's compatibilities under different astrological teachings.

matchmaking by horoscopes A table is constructed between the two horoscopes to work out the percentage of compatibility in them which involves a long and complicated calculations.Each pair of combined astrological signs within the table is assigned a combined compatibility number depending on astrological compatibility of the people within this pair.Thus using this horoscope matchmaking module one can predict whether the couple will lead a healthy life and have no problems as life partners.Literally with this type of matchmaking we can arrive at the compatibility score with your spouse.

horoscopes by matchmaking This ancestral way of the study of astrological compatibility helps us in knowing about the nature, features, love and the social communication features of the people. If only there is a good compatibility percentage in this horoscope matchmaking the two persons can�t hold a life-long relationship happily, since it is a very difficult task to get the accurate knowledge of the person�s nature etc., before a marriage. It predicts health and finances of couple after marriage. It interprets the physical and mental compatibility of bride and spouse. But however in this method of matchmaking, it helps two lives a great deal of future. Thus this method of compatibility matching based on Lunar Constellations, which is called Ashtakoot Milan or simply guna milap marks for factors that influence marriage. Higher the score, high chances of success of the marriage.

Kundli matching is very deep and intensely rooted in Hindu society to ensure a harmonious and healthy married life between the two people. One cannot consider this horoscope matchmaking light for it is very important and even the slightest ignorance would end up in major changes in your life. Horoscope matchmaking plays a major role in taking crucial decisions in ones life which directly influence on a persons careeer, health, future growth & general well being. There are number of astrology centre which do research on horoscope matchmaking based on Vedic astrology and helps you in deciding your future partner. In this type of matchmaking not only the GUNAS & MANGLIK DOSHA are matched but also studies the other major aspects of life according to Vedic astrology namely.


Longevity of the boy and girl should be checked and if there is a remarkable difference then it is wise to stop working on this further.

Mental compatibility and nature

The mental features or the make up of the individuals are studied here, otherwise for example if both the boy and the girl are of very tempered nature this might end up in constant fighting between the two.

Child birth

Here the progeny of generation at least the immediate one is checked and a confirmation of at least one child is required.


This is verified for both the boy and girl for a good health and should not contact any fatal or crippling disease or accident.

Seperative tendencies

The horoscopes of boy and girl should not show any tendencies for very long separation between them or show any signs of divorce between them.

Financial stability

The financial aspects of the future of the couple is checked here.

But of course after considering all of the above points there are cases where the match made fails. But anyhow the percentage of failure is minimal when the factors according to Vedic astrology are considered. Matching of horoscopes or marriage compatibility, is hence, even more basic than matching the blood group. A medically mismatched couple risk their health & progeny, but an astrologically mismatched couple put at stake, their health, wealth, happiness, success, peace of mind, their future growth & prosperity - everything that makes life worthwhile. So it is good to follow this method of matchmaking which gives a fare report to lead a happy and contended married life.

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